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The Threshold

A Harry Potter Roleplay

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Looking back, Neville Longbottom couldn't quite recall when he ever looked forward to finally leaving Hogwarts. It might have dawned on him that he wanted out when their world came crashing down on them and Voldemort attacked. No, that wouldn't be right either. In spite of that, he still wanted to stay in the comfort of those walls. Even during the end of his sixth year and the beginning of his seventh when Gryffindor had to take temporary quarters in another dormitory while the fallen Tower was rebuilt, it was home.

He felt a shudder pass up his spine as he waited on the platform for the train to arrive. The murmur of the other students fading away into a dull hum behind him. That night was still fresh in his mind a year and a half later. When it all began with the death of Fred Weasley and ended with all of his friends -- and people he never knew -- fighting to save the school, their lives, each other. He still saw flashes of the battlefield. Of Harry Potter disappearing only to step onto the grounds alongside Voldemort. Neville hid behind a tree, locked in horror, as he saw Harry not raise his wand. Around Voldemort, a part of the Dark Lord's armies, the living dead murdered and ate at the students. They didn't move. Neville screamed and covered his eyes. Vampires, the Death Eaters. They were consuming the grounds like a black wave splashing up to drown them all.

He never forgot the dead things the most. The ones that crawled up from their graves, terrible creatures that were brought out of the past and sent to deliver part of Voldmort's last battle. Their faces known to at least one person on that battle ground. Neville never saw that Lily Potter was one of them. He watched as a large, black dog with a hole in his side murdered Bellatrix LeStrange. He watched Remus Lupin, transformed into a werewolf stare down the face of James Potter until one of them made a move and then James Potter fell and lost again.

Cedric Diggory came back and Cho was gone at his hands. What stuck most with Neville was when from his hiding spot, he felt the a hand fall upon his shoulder. His screams never reached the ears of those only yards away. When he had to kill his grandmother, Neville thought his world was going to end and debated letting her take him back to the world of the dead with him. The grave was tempting. At least he'd forget her face.

Lucius Malfoy stood beside Draco, not letting his son move. Neville thought he'd like a father like that to come here and save him. One by one, they fell as they went towards the pair. Vampires, dead things. Lucius was protecting his son and not helping save anyone at all.

Colin Creevey crumpled to the ground as he watched his little brother fall under Gryffindor Tower. He laughed and laughed until he went silent for a whole year.

Then, when the night began to feel endless, a gray streak came rushing at Voldemort. Dumbledore was racing onto the field, screaming Voldemort's true name. "Tom Riddle!" The battle, the whole lot of it, stopped. White faces, blood stained faces, and ones streaked with tears turned their eyes towards the sound.

What happened next was a whirlwind. The rushing past Neville of someone he knew had to be that dog who only an hour before had killed Bellatrix the Death Eater. The bright red sparks that flew out of the Headmaster's wand and were suffocated by a wall of green and returned with a beam of white towards Dumbledore. Neville covered his mouth to hold back his yell as Dumbledore flew backwards and landed against the dirt. His eyes were wide as he turned and watched Harry. Finally, Harry moved. Mechanical and precise. From behind his glasses, Harry noticed that Sirius was standing only a foot away. Not dead. Neville felt his brain register that and looked at Harry. Harry was almost smiling. Voldemort turned in slow motion. "I gave him to you, boy. Remember our agreement." Neville never told anyone those words.

Voldemort stepped forward and Harry's spell was howled into the air. They all watched as the shot of green came from Harry's wand. Voldemort lurched forward as the light struck his chest. Neville thought for the longest time that Voldemort hadn't realized what was happening. He looked like he was in denial as he fell to the ground and when he lay still and the others gathered around him, there was still a look of surpise on his face.

The train whistle blew. It was time for them to leave. The sound of bags dragging across the pavement caught Neville's attention. Turning, he caught sight of Harry. It was hard to recognize him now. That golden Gryffindor boy who wanted nothing more than everyone to forget all that. Neville jerked, rushing over and coming up alongside him.

"Here. Let me help." Neville curled his fingers around one of the handles on Harry's trunk.

"Thanks." Harry Potter's eyes glanced towards Neville. Neville considered them the color of one of Professor Snape's potions. They almost glowed now. He never really understood why people compared the glow in his eyes to the glow of Harry's. So what if there were colors of orange in them now? They'd never look as inhuman as that.

The biggest change of Harry Potter was not the fact that he was laughing again. Neville was always drawn to it. To the spot on his forehead. To the place where the beginning for them all was started. Now that it was over, there was nothing left of Harry's scar.


The Threshold is a new beginning of the recently reformatted onthethreshold. We just finished the largest storyline for Harry and Company's sixth year and are updating our game. New membership is opening at the very end of the Trio's seventh year. The studets have graduated, while others remain behind to finish their schooling. The game literally picks up with them leaving the trains to go home that summer. We are searching for active, dedicated roleplayers. Take time to read some of the other highlights.

- During the battle with Voldemort, Gryffindor Tower fell and was rebuilt over the course of a year and a half using magic from the students and teachers.
- Unexpected help was had as a mystery revealed itself upon the battlefield. The founders, who never left, became known. Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazaar Slytherin all joined at the end to save their school and the students inside. It wasn't until the beginning of seventh year, that the students were told of the curse that bound the founders to an unending existence of lifetimes to the school and each other.
- Dumbledore survived the battle after Harry finally stepped forward and ended it by killing Voldemort, only after an unknown deal between the two had been reached.
- Ginny Weasley was missing for nearly two weeks after the battle. When she was found, she refused to say where she went.
- The remaining Death Eaters have either been captured and placed in Azkaban or have scattered and gone into hiding.
- Lucius Malfoy was released from Azkaban after it was proven that he saved the lives of several Slytherins.
- House Hufflepuff received the most casualities. Nearly half the house died that night. They are still recovering from that blow. The losses included their Head Of House, Sprout.
- The Ministry has been rebuilt. The panel consisting of several familiar faces. Percy Weasley, Dolores Umbridge, Arthur Weasley, Cornelius Fudge, Mad Eye Moody, Sirius Black and Amelia Bones.
- Tom Riddle is supposed among the casualities.
- More snippets to come soon.


Most Wanted Characters: Original characters will be accepted sparingly until those listed below are filled. Send us your character, though. We are open to all considerations at this point. Characters in bold are really saught for. Serious replies only.


Zacharias Smith
Ernie MacMillan
Sarah Fawcett
Susan Bones
Luna Lovegood
Su Li
Lisa Turpin
Seamus Finnigan
Lavender Brown
Padma Patil
Millicent Bulstrode
Gabrielle Delacour (transfer)
George Weasley


Minerva McGonagall
Sinistra (male or female)


Arthur Weasley
Molly Weasley
Kingsley Shacklebolt
One Quibbler Reporter
One Daily Prophet Reporter

Unavailable Characters:

Those killed during the battle:

Terry Boot
Cho Chang
Dennis Creevey
Kevin Entwhistle
Fred Weasley
Chester Warrington
Dean Thomas
Hannah Abbot
Professor Vector
Professor Sprout
Avery Senior - death eater
Bellatrix LeStrange - death eater
Narcissa Malfoy - death eater
Voldemort - big bad guy


Albus Dumbledore
Dolores Umbridge



- We are looking for dedicated people only. We don't care how many groups you belong to, but please do not join if you are spread too thin. It holds up storylines for other people and it is not fair to those who can dedicate enough attention to the game. This has been a major issue in the past and one we are not going to go through again.
- Please, if you host another Harry Potter roleplay community, this may not be the one for you. We are very active. If you moderate,you should be giving your players the attention they deserve. If you really, really want to join, please contact one of our moderators. We will talk things out with you so that you understand where we are coming from. Perhaps an arrangement can be made. This rule does not apply to the posters of other communities who feel they have enough time for this one, but to the moderators of them.
- At least one post a week. It is not much to do this, if you have trouble participating this much then you are into the catagory above and should devote your time to the other games you belong in. If you are away from the chance to be online, just drop us an email or post in the community. That isn't a problem.
- Leave your Snape/Draco, Harry/Sirius -- you get the hint -- thoughts at the door. Where that is fine in slash and other places, we would like to keep the spirit of Hogwarts alive in this game. Teachers would not be sleeping with students and those students who would never really (in spite of all the fantasies that run through the minds of people) be getting it on with one another fit better in other places on the net. We love slash, but are trying to keep relationships within reason here. Well thought out, well plotted storylines are fine. But worst enemies would not become lovers because they spent two hours stuck trapped in a dungeon. If you have any issues with this, we are not saying give up and run away now. Contact us and tell us your idea. We're really not that bad. This rule is bendable to an extent.
- We play in AIM Chat/IM/Journal Entries. All the people involved are welcome to start chats or IM up other members and play. This is what we are here for and it is encouraged.
- Livejournals are mandatory. If you do not have one or need a code, contact one of the moderators and we can help you. However, we will expect the code to be returned after the one week waiting period is finished and you can generate a new code. We're doing this to pull together a good group of people and have a sense of community here. Please, don't break this trust. It's just not good karma. None of us need bad joujou.
- Dark themes will be explored here within reason. If you get too uncomfortable, please talk to one of the moderators or send us a private email. Mature themes will take place and this is your warning.
- If you have time and would like to play more than one character, you are welcome to do so. This can be further discussed for those of you interested as your participation becomes solid.
- Above all. Have fun. We are open to beginners and seasoned roleplayers equally. All we ask, and stress, is that you are above all -- dedicated. No fly-by-nighters or people who can't devote some of their time regularly to this game. Don't feel intimidated, we're really laid back sorts of people and are always willing to help you along. We just need to post these rules because we have seem some pretty wicked stuff out there and do not want this place to evolve into what the others have become. We are all here because we love the books, now let's go journey into them and see how the stories go when we are behind creating them. Welcome!
- We are looking for some help moderating. If interested contact one of the moderators.


Name Of Character:
Name Of Player:
Sample Journal Entry:
Sample Roleplay Entry:
For Students: (It is your first day back (or to) Hogwarts. The sorting ceremony is about to begin. As the doors open to let the First Years in, you . . . .)
For Graduates: (The train lurches forward out of the station, glancing out, you look back at Hogwarts as it fades..)
For Others: (Place yourself in a work or daily life situation and jot down a couple paragraphs.)


AIM: GryffindrSeeker

AIM: SerpentinSilver

AIM: pensees bleues

Character Roster:

(Graduate) Harry Potter just_harry_
AIM: GryffindrSeeker
(Graduate) Ron Weasley kingronweasley
AIM: WeasleyisurKing
(Graduate) Griffen Govannen gryffindormagic
AIM: Griffen Govanen
(Graduate) Neville Longbottom theotherboy
AIM: th neville
(Graduate) Parvati Patil thedeviousmind
AIM: PrettyxInxPink
(Graduate) Angelina Johnson lion_spirit
AIM: none yet
(Graduate) Rhiannon Zanetti scarlet_beater
AIM: Fallen Faerie33
Ginny Weasley tempestrose
AIM: ginnyweeone
Colin Creevey last_creevey
AIM: Koyuuno

Honoria Hobbe hel_hufflepuff
AIM: thegoblinhobbe

Rosalyn Rane ro_ravenclaw
AIM: Koyuuno

(Graduate) Draco Malfoy spell_on_you
AIM: SerpentinSilver
(Graduate) Blaise Zabini deviantmind
AIM: purebloodzabini
(Graduate) Pansy Parkinson pansy_caeruleus
AIM: pensees bleues
(Graduate) Tracey Davis slytherin_cake
AIM: bagofsunshine
Stark Sancto serpent_tongue
AIM: Stark Sancto

(Headmaster) Albus Dumbledore headmaster_ad
AIM: none
(Potions) Severus Snape ribbon_of_black
AIM: DarkArtAlchemist
(Ancient Runes) Charlie Weasley dragonhideheart
AIM: dragonhideheart
(DADA) Remus Lupin moonylupin
AIM: MoonlitLament

Sirius Black oldblackmagic
AIM: OldBlackMagic
Bill Weasley onemoreweasley
AIM: onemoreweasley
Lucius Malfoy serpentinshadow
AIM: SerpentinShadow
Fleur Delacour french_beauty
AIM: Fallen Faerie33
Oliver Wood united_keeper
AIM: keepers in kilts
Tom Riddle preservedmemory
AIM: Riddie Me
The Daily Prophet _dailyprophet
AIM: None.
The Quibbler _thequibbler
AIM: None.

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Harry Potter theboywholived
Draco Malfoy silver_serpent
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Remus Lupin moonlitlament
Griffen Govannen griffengovannen
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Colin Creevey no_1_potter_fan
Dennis Creevey no_2_potter_fan

We look forward to hearing from you. Join an active community with more emphasis on character storylines and canon orietated with some small twists.