Harry James Potter (just_harry_) wrote in thethreshold,
Harry James Potter

Chronicle Opening

All right. Since we got most of the canon filled, save for a few, I'm going to go ahead and open up the roleplay for posting. Feel free to begin writing some background for your characters by journal entry. What their plans are, where they are going, what's going on in their minds about graduation/next school year. Whatever. Set the mood for them on their last night at Hogwarts, or the train ride home. Our first opening storyline (Lucius' gala for Draco) will take place within the next week. Consider the owls coming to your characters on the last school night. Those who are not in school were invited via owl, or house elf.

If anyone needs help, contact one of your moderators. DarkArtAlchemist, GryffindrSeeker or Pensees Bleues.

We're all looking forward to this. Thanks for joining and let the game begin. Muwhahahaha.
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